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Alternative Weddings

Congratulations to you! Here's to doing things a little differently!

After having our intimate garden wedding in the middle of Covid, my whole perspective on weddings completely changed. We ditched tradition, poured our own drinks, enjoyed Indian bbq vegan food and pulled it all together in 72 hours! A last minute celebrant carried out our ceremony in a gazebo we put up the night before in my Grandad's garden. His raised patio was where our 30 guests sat, his conservatory was the bar and it really was all hands on deck to pull off the decorations and rally the troops. I will never forget my step dad rushing to a dry cleaners to get my dress steamed that had arrived the evening before, creased and unwearable! Ever since I have been fascinated by the idea of alternative and nontraditional weddings. So here's to you planning your dream day, celebrating in your way and doing what makes you happy!

My Favourite Alternative Wedding Brands

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