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Bespoke Projects

As well as being able to purchase and personalise designs and pieces available in my shop, you can also work with me one on one to create something from your boho dreams! Here is a collection of my favourite and recent bespoke pieces, where I worked with the customer from creating a concept, to sketching out ideas, confirming a final design and sending updates along the way. 

hand made eternity ring

Buried Treasure

Eternity  Ring

The concept for this stunning statement eternity ring was buried treasure. The customer wanted to create something that looked ancient but beautiful as if it had been lost for centuries and rediscovered with a mysterious story to tell. To create this feel, silver was melted down to form an organic shape for the stones to be set in, and rough texture was left to create the ancient feel. Opals were the chosen stone as a nod to my customers Grandmother's ring, one of her all time favourites. This beautiful piece sits along side a vintage engagement ring and a platinum wedding band, it truley is a one off beauty. 

Statement Ring

Vintage Inspired

The customer had a very clear vision for how the statement ring needed to look; chunky, textured, vintage and interesting. The stone used here was a smokey Quartz, tube set and finished off with gold and silver granulation. A real show stopper! 

hand made stacking set of  ring

A touch of Gold

Sentimental Value

This set of two stacking rings was made with a specific idea in mind. The customer knew that I had previously made a replacement gold wedding band for a family member of hers, and asked if there was any of that gold left over that could be turned into something special for her to wear. I thought the idea of Grandfather and Grandaughter wearing rings made from the same gold is beautiful, so we took the idea of simple stacking rings and adding a melted down nugget of the left over gold to one of them for the sentimental touch. This is a set of rings that can be worn every day, and will always remind her of her Grandfather! 

Anniversary Gift

Wedding Anniversary Surprise

This bespoke necklace is a very diverse and interesting piece as it can be worn as pictured, but the wishbone pendant was also made to the customers wife's ring size so that she could wear it is a ring too, leaving behind a personalised pebble pendant with his and hers initials stamped either side. The goal was to make this super personalised, multi purpose and elegant, the perfect wedding anniversary gift!

hand made wedding anniversary set
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